Ford Mustang??

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Ford Mustang?? Jan 21, 2008
Hi peeps

Where a good place to get a second hand 2005 model mustang GT from. i'll have a budget of up to 80-85000AED had a look on bizzle and i can get one for about that if not less, only thing is i want a yellow one which i can't find anywhere. I've only been able to use the net so far due to work and not many place have websites out here. Are there any second hand dealerships that specialisein mustangs


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Re: Ford Mustang?? Jan 21, 2008
DDastardly wrote:Are there any second hand dealerships that specialisein mustangs

Al Tayer Motors are the Ford dealer and have second hand cars but not much of a choice of Mustangs. You could ask if they can find one for you.

4x4, Off Road Motors, and another one on Sheikh Zayed Road near Mazaya Center (forgot name :oops: ) might try and find one for you.

I'm not recommending them though. Everyone seems to know someone with a story of getting ripped off by a Dubai car dealer.
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Jan 21, 2008
I don't think I've seen many yellow mustangs. If you expand your search to other colours, there are tons of these cars around. Try, and also.
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Jan 30, 2008
You wouldn't by any chance be interested in my friend's Green Mustang 'Bullitt' would you? I'm not sure of the year, but it's immaculate, and he hardly ever drives it. Anyway, he's leaving Dubai soon, and will be selling it, alot cheaper than 70,000 AED!!
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Jan 30, 2008
^^^ find out more details about your friends mustang. prrice, year, mileage etc.
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