Anyone Experience W Auto Classic @ Al Aweer?

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anyone experience w Auto Classic @ Al Aweer? Aug 29, 2005
hi all, might plan on buying a merc from him, anyone experience to share?

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thanks very much, I'm done with him!!! Aug 30, 2005
I took the SL to the garage "" nearby and the tunisian master was very friendly after a few words in french...
He discovered two welding joints on the longerons, so the car has had a major crash and was rebuilt. He reckoned that it would never make the police check like that.
Refrained from buying, thus very dissapopinted,
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Sep 01, 2005
Sorry, just seen this post.

Let this be a lesson to you. Never buy from Al Awir. They are all crooks! American import cars that you have no idea what has happened or been done to them, cars from Oman that are chopped. :twisted:
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Sep 16, 2005
yeah everyone I know says buying from there is a bad Idea.. but they do let you check the car before you buy it.. Take it to a dealer and have them study it part by part... I think it cost 500 AED to do so.

If your buying an American Spec car that was used in the U.S I can find out all the details of where its been and whats happened to it by running a car fax..

Let us know what happens
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