I Want To Invest In Stock Market. How? Where?

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I want to invest in stock market. How? Where? Mar 09, 2010
I would like to buy some stocks in DOW and NASDAQ. I need to know that is there any bank fits my needs.

- I want to start with $ 10,000 first.
- I want to be able to withdraw to close the account anytime and add funds any time.
- I want an internet access to my portfolio.
- I want to manage my own portfolio myself without any distractions.

Does any bank open an investment account with this criterias ?

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Re: I want to invest in stock market. How? Where? Mar 10, 2010
You can have an account with Century Financial Brokers LLC
You can trade in Stocks of over 18 Exchanges including DOW and Nasdaq

You have an option to start with $10000 ,
You can fund and withdraw from your account anytime
You have an online platform for this

The company was established since 1989 and is licensed by the UAE Central Bank , also licensed by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority

Please call 971 4 3599720 for an appointment.
You can also visit www.onlinetrading.ae
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Re: I Want To Invest In Stock Market. How? Where? Mar 13, 2014
I am a broker in central London with a company called one two trade. we offer binary trading and returns of 70-85% on every successful trade. if you like to know more please contact me on shashi@onetwotrade.com

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Business International , I am am broker in central London and am looking to expand my portfilio of clients. If you are interested in investing in the financial markets i would be more than happy to speak to you. if you can e-mail me on shashi@onetwotrade.com
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Re: I Want To Invest In Stock Market. How? Where? Apr 30, 2014
I would suggest you to have a look at mubasher.info. They provide stock market analysis for 14 markets in the Gulf.
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undefined Jun 01, 2015
Business International , Dear Members;

I happened to stumble upon your site as I was researching how residents of UAE invest in the US markets. The reason I was doing this is because of expanding our client base and as a Senior Financial Consultant here at Dawson James, I believe business has now become global.

I was planning on advertising on local newspapers and media about prospective investors for the US markets and was doing my initial due diligence before landing on this very informative page.

I would like to invite you to view my firms website: http://www.dawsonjames.com . Our clearing house is Sterne Agee and Leach, over a 100 year old clearing firm and we deal with not only US clients but also foreign qualified investors as well. We specialize in Investment banking deals for our qualified investors as well as equities, options trading, a 1-2 margin account, Annuities ( fixed 7% return ) and various private placement, secondary offerings and IPO’s.

If you would require more detailed information about our firm and myself please feel free to contact me on [url=mailto:ppatel@dawsonjames.com]ppatel@dawsonjames.com[/url] and we can schedule a time to speak over the phone or on a webinar.

The account opening process is not as hectic and takes less than 24 hours to have you set up.
All documents and fee structures will be provided to you backed up in black and white.

Please get in touch via email or on my direct line on 1-954-830-9708 for a brief introduction to better understand the process.

Take Care and have a wonderful day,

Pranav V. Patel

Senior financial Consultant

Dawson James Securities
1 North Federal Highway – 5th Floor
Boca Raton, FL 33432
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undefined Jun 11, 2015
Have you tried Davenport La Roche. Hong Kong based brokers.
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Re: I Want To Invest In Stock Market. How? Where? Jun 13, 2015
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undefined Mar 05, 2017
try the very first reputed "Daman Securities" they provide classes and education of how to trade

and then a full platform on stocks trading in Dubai Financial Market & Abudhabi Securities Exchange as well as NASDAQ

here is the website www.damansecurities.ae

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