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Earn 20% profit every month on investment Mar 05, 2009
Century Financial Brokers L.L.C. (C.F.B.)

Is fully licensed by the Central Bank of United Arab Emirates and regulated by Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA). It is also registered and licensed by the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai. We are also the principal broker & clearing member of Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX). Founded in Dubai in1989, CFB is the regions largest and oldest independent brokerage firm in the financial industry. Regardless of how you want to invest and trade the financial markets – CFB can provide you with the tools, resources and services you desire. Established by Mr.Sulaiman Baqer Mohebi with the aim of providing a highly specialized service for expatriate and local investors.

Century Financial Brokers
Operates as an Introducing Brokers to major, well known international financial institutions. We tailor our wide variety of investment products and services to meet our customers' unique requirements. We provide a superior level of service, both personally and electronically, to sustain the long-term relationships that enable us to respond more efficiently and proactively to our customers' changing needs.

CFB realizes that you have many choices and opportunities in the international financial markets when it comes to seeking, evaluating and selecting a personal and professional broker.

Products offered by CFB

• Currencies: Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen & over 25 crosses
• Metals: Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, etc.
• Energies: Crude Oil, Heat Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline, etc.
• Commodities: Sugar, Wheat, Corn, Coffee, Grains, etc.
• Indices: Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P, FTSE, CRB, etc.
• CFD Stocks: American, European & Asian stocks.

Its very good venue for the investment because whenever we invest our money in any business, Always few questions arrives in our mind.

If you invest your money in this business, your money will be secure in this way that it will be in your own trading bank account. You will be the only person who can withdraw your amount.

If you deposit your money in any bank, bank will give u maximum 2% to 4% annually but if you invest your money in this business you can get 5% to 15% monthly with minimum risk. This profit can also vary but depending on your investment amount, market conditions and your level of risk.

Unblocked Investment
If you investment your money in this business, your investment will be unblocked. Whenever you want you can withdraw you whole amount, even no need to ask from any body.

Two Way Market
This is two ways business that means if market is going up or down we can earn profit from both side. For example if the price of gold is going high, we will buy it from low price and sell it at high price and take profit but on the other hand if the price of gold is decreasing so we can sell it in advance and but it later when price comes down so we can also take profit from this side also.

Margin Trading
We facilitate margin trading in Currencies, Commodities, Metals and more, with a leverage facility of 100 times of face value. In the financial markets, you can trade (Buy or Sell) any currency, commodity or metals simply by investing 1% or 2% and get 100% Credit Online Facility of the product value
For example if you want to trade gold. One contract of gold is 100 ounce (2.834 kg). Lets say its total market price is 90000 US $ but you need only 900 US $ to trade it.

Client Training
Normally our financial consultant trades on client behalf but if any client wants to learn this business, we also provide free of cost training to the client

Benefits & Services facilitated by CFB

• 24 hours trading 5 days a week with continuous access from any part of the world.
• An enormous liquid market making it easy to trade most markets.
• Volatile markets offering huge profit opportunities.
• Wide range of trading markets and financial instruments.
• Leverage trading with low capital.
• Recognized instruments for controlling risk exposure.
• The ability to profit from rising or falling markets.
• Leveraged trading with low margin requirements.
• Proper training for trading in FX Markets.
• CFB provides state-of-the-art online trading software, providing electronic order entry in the most liquid and dynamic market movers world-wide
• Through one window, traders access FX, futures, stocks, CFDs, metals, energies etc.
• As a client you will have access to real-time prices, two-way quotes, charts, news, market commentaries & analysis of all major currencies, metals, commodities, futures, energies etc. and receive statements of your account on regular basis

We request you for a few minutes from your valuable time to give you a brief idea of how our company can help explore the investment opportunities in the global financial markets which can give you amazing returns on your investments.

For more details, please contact me


Abdul Hakeem
Marketing executive

Direct : +971 4 359 9720
Mobile : +971 55 363 5286
Fax : +971 4 351 7623

27th Floor, Office 711 / 713
Al Khaleej Shopping Centre
Al Mankhool Road,
Bur Dubai

P.O. Box 9126, Dubai
Website: www.cfb.ae

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