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DMCC Company registration Aug 09, 2016
Contact person : IMRAN
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Nothing is more exciting than precious metals and commodities today. For those who are privileged to do business in the metal and commodities market, Horwath Mak business consulting can help to set up your business in the Metal and Commodities Free Zone.

Dubai Metals & Commodities Free Zone and The Dubai Metals and Commodities Centre (DMCC) were created by the Dubai Government with the strategic goal of establishing a commodities marketplace in Dubai. That goal has seen incredible fruition with the advent of the DMCC-- a goal of the area and the government that has been realized for the good of all.

The DMCC was launched in April 2002 by specific decree of the Government of Dubai. DMCC brings with it a very unique opportunity for those who participate in any area of the metals and commodities industries. The DMCC brings the participants outstanding facilities that can help to network the purveyors of commodities and metals from around the world. It offers a broad range of facilities that can mesh together the gold trade, the diamond trade (housing a Diamond Exchange), and trading in other selected commodities.

The goal of the center is to attract key players throughout the entire chain of industries and to provide them with the support and the amenities that they require to build and to expand their businesses. Support and services such as finance, logistics and insurance will provide them with the means to build and to grow and expand, bringing more business to the area.

Currently the DMCC is the only UAE centre ownership of business premises. As well as the other standard Free Zone amenities, the DMCC will feature commercial towers, refineries and a manufacturing complex. These will be located conveniently at price sites close to the new Dubai developments inclusive of the Palm Island and the Dubai Marina.
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