When It Comes To Real Estate- Dubai Is Taking The Lead Again

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When it Comes to Real Estate- Dubai is taking the lead again Dec 10, 2014
With the recent economic downturn that hit Dubai back in 2009, it is almost astonishing to see how the Real Estate sector sustained itself and is gathering again to beat leading industries from Beijing and Shanghai.

It is indeed obvious Dubai is the leader when it comes to renting, buying house, commercial buildings or Real Estate. But, hold on your breaths, best business consultants who once concluded Dubai will never see the same economic boom in real estate are astonished to check the leading statistics issues by one of the leading Global Forecasting companies named Knigh Frank’s in 2013 predicting the Property industry boom again in Dubai and an increase of 10-15% in the pricing of houses making Dubai far ahead from leading markets like Shanghai and Beijing of Asia.

The statement pretty much makes the sense as the Mega Event, Dubai Expo 2020 is about to come, which will definitely bring laurels to Real Estate industry as investment will increase in commercial holdings. So, Are you ready to see Dubai prospering again in the coming years!! I am so much excited to witness this prediction transform into reality!! :D

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Re: When It Comes To Real Estate- Dubai Is Taking The Lead A May 18, 2015
Great topic!

check out this article and whether or not its worth investing in http://www.ere-homes.com/blogs/2015/05/ ... -decision/

It actually really interesting!
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