Watchman - Manager Harassment

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Watchman - Manager Harassment Aug 20, 2014
Hello Friends

There is a building called AL YASMEENA REAL ESTATE IN SHARJAH ALNAHDA 1, watch man Ali Harassing the tenants and taking money, and treating families like animals, no one is daring to complaint as because of rentals in Sharjah and UAE, we came to this country to make some money not to be slaves under this real estate people, help support to teach a lesson to ALI for doing all this, call and show ur common man's power.


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Re: Watchman - Manager Harassment Aug 31, 2014
Just record the harassment and call the police. Posting someone else's private info is not allowed on Dubai Forums.
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Re: Watchman - Manager Harassment Sep 12, 2014
I believe that this is a genuine post because the poster has only this post. But the way of approach is not good. You should collect the proof and report for the same to the police, I am sure they will help you. I assume that you are from outside UAE and so you are afraid of taking any action in fear of losing job etc...
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Re: Watchman - Manager Harassment Sep 17, 2014
I understand your problem probably you are from India, pakistan and you do not want to go into any kind of legal mess. I think you are right at your place as you cannot do anything by own and cannot afford a lawyer as well. If you are not in a condition to show some proof to the owner, then find a different place for you.
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