Cost Of Apartment Near Jumeriah Beach

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Cost of Apartment near Jumeriah Beach Oct 26, 2013
Hi guys,

What is average cost of a house near Jumeriah Beach near maybe train station for maybe 3-6 months?

Also what type of expenses will there be?

Thank you

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Re: Cost Of Apartment Near Jumeriah Beach Jan 13, 2014
fazsnatch ,you didn't say what kind of house do you need. How many bedrooms?

Actually the rent price on a villa in Jumeriah Beach district varies from 180 000 AED/year to 600 000 AED/year. It depends what accommodation do you need.
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Re: Cost Of Apartment Near Jumeriah Beach Jun 01, 2015
Hi Fazsnatch, if you are looking for a more professional answer, ERE homes is certainly at your service. I hope this link helps: ... amenities=

If you cannot find the exact information to match your requirements, please feel free to contact the ERE help line which can be found on the link
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