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Re: Accomodation In karama Dec 28, 2005
hi there!

Do not pay attention what this guy says on the top! who cares ?! Because we are girls they think already think bad ! who cares?! God will punish him for this answer - u will see ! :) By the way maybe we have got a much more better job there then this guy :)
Anyway sorry for replying late but I forgot that I have topic in this forum :)
So, we are going to leave Hungary around 10th of Jan. I have to book the ticket. Maybe Ishould call an agency to help us. I dont know! I just know that we want a studio or a flat with 2guys near to my Office there in Karama! Maybe we are 3 now cause another hungarian men emailed me that he has the same accomodation problem!
Do u wanna come alone or with someone?
Just drop me some line if u can ... take care !

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hi Dec 28, 2005
hey, lol, i do not care what they think or talk about. I am the only one who knows what i am, and ppl's negative opinion about me will not make me feel bad about myself or affect neither me nor my life in any way.
Thank you ,though, for replying.
I am by myself, i have found one place now, do not know if i should take it, seems to be nice, but when u get here, could u contact me, i mean e mail me, ok, thank you.
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Re: hi Dec 28, 2005
hey !

okay! and where did u find it? is it an apartment or a studio? could u tell me the prices ?
I can not see your mail address!

okay, so, take care ! :)
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