Is The Offer Good Enough?

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Is the offer good enough? Dec 04, 2008

I m a Software configuration Management engineer with 2 yrs and 4 months of experience, i have an offer from a consultant to work for a local IT company in dubai. They have offered me a compensation of 8500 AED, without accommodation. I m not aware of the current IT trend in dubai. could u let me know if this is a good offer keeping in mind the financial crisis and that i draw close to 4000 AED per month here in india?

Thanx in advance
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Dec 04, 2008
have they offered a comprehensive health insurance? do you have a family?
Still the salary is not good enough for you to make this move..
You are better off in India...
With no housing n no transporation (u woun't get a car license for 1 year), you will struggle to survive in dubai..
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Dec 07, 2008
Not enough I would say. If you want basic shared housing then a lot of your salary will be used in rent. Plus if they extend the 'no sharing of villas' law to include apartments then you will (legally) have to get a place on your own and you'll be in big money trouble.

Also if it is not permenant work, or if the financial crisis hits your company, then you might be in the position of having paid a years rent in advance (via a loan) then you lose your job. That's assuming you can get a loan because the banks are being tight at the moment.

I'd consider it very carefully.
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