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Professional Video Operator - Editor Jan 08, 2012
Hi Everyone!
My name is Giovanni, i'm italian. I'm 27 years old and my job is video operator from 5 years to now!
I work for an important italian national network but i ever dream to improve my lifestyle in another country that can permit it to me, and where i can live better!
I'm a video operator, editor and if necessary graphic. Excellent use of any kind of video cameras and video-editing non linear program!
I search for an occupation in dubai for Tv, Documentary service, or other!. I know that it can seem impossible doing it from Italy and from internet. But impossibile is nothing and i try!!! :)
I hope that someone will contact me for any kind of information! I can send also my Curriculum Vitae if necessary!
I hope i'll see you soon!
Thanks for attention!


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