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Part time jobs in Dubai Apr 11, 2011
I came across this interesting article . Very interesting new permit but I wonder is it now legal to work full time job + some part time. Or is it still ilegal, can anyone in UAE elaborate more on this :roll: ?

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Re: Part Time Jobs In Dubai Apr 12, 2011
You either work full time or part time - you don't do both. This law appears to apply to Abu Dhabi only. It also states that GCC and Emiratis have priority. Although most Emiratis are employed full time they work part time, when they feel like working that is.
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Re: Part Time Jobs In Dubai May 31, 2011
Dear Bora Bora,
thanks for this information, hope you will share more ahead.
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Re: Part Time Jobs In Dubai May 18, 2017
As long as you can balance your work schedules well, you can have two jobs. However, one of them will be unofficial since you may not be anle to be registered on two jobs under UAE laws
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