Finding A Job In UAE

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Re: Finding A Job In UAE Sep 06, 2014
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Re: Finding A Job In UAE Oct 13, 2014
Hello friends

Since most people participating in this thread are already
working in UAE, I wanted your kind guidance to a fellow aspiring worker.

I am expecting to receive a job offer soon. Whilst
interviewing I did not declare one of my previous employers. The employment was
only a few months and I didn’t leave on good terms with that employer.

I wanted to know what
information on past employers does the UAE government request as part of the
work visa/residency visa process
. The reason I ask is that I have also
applied for Australian immigration and was afraid that the Australian
immigration department in its background check on me would compare employers
with the UAE government. I am afraid since I have declared all my employers
(including this one) on my Australian immigration application. So when they see
the difference, they might use this as grounds for rejecting my application.

Thank you dear friends very much
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undefined Oct 30, 2014
there are a bunch of unemployment people in the UAE
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Re: Finding A Job In UAE Apr 03, 2017
Dubai and UAE have so many recruitment companies, make sure you dont pay for any job. You will be scammed
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