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Hi While the employee rights are becoming stronger which is good at the same time the employer rights are not very much strong rather it is becoming weaker day by day. The rules and regulations are so lengthy , time consuming and very expensive b4 you hire a person and very difficult to train and mould.

I have a recent issue where 4 or 5 employees from my own company had quit and started a company and some of them made stories and did not even finish the contract within a year they left just learning all the secrets and clientele fo my company. What can i do . and one more lady is leaving and shei sht ebrain behind it and technical lead. i can see perpetrators all around and backstabbers while we spend a lot of money and just prepare them but then when u go to MOL they always ask "Let the employees Go" How do we protect our rights. And how can i combat such kind of preplanned perpetrators. Now they have taken all my documetns, proposals, templates, quotations and set of clients. although i have strict policies. But end of the day we have to trust because we have to let the employees work. WHile being in my company they all had planned for 6 moths which id idnt have any clue and using our resources and computers and money. They did not bring business rather trying to plan to do things against us. So what is the legal way for us to protect us.

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