ABUSIVE MANAGEMENT -- What Can I Do To Stop It?!?

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ABUSIVE MANAGEMENT -- what can i do to stop it?!? Nov 16, 2009
hello, fellow DubaiForumers!

im new here and ive really been searching the net for a forum site like this to ask advice about work from experienced people here in Dubai, who really knows what is best and legal thing to do since im an Expat...

this problem is really not mine, its my husbands work problem...

my husband works for a famous and fast-growing lebanese restaurant in Dubai. when he joined the company, he was really empressed with almost everything from duty hours, basic salary, meal-transpo-housing allowance and OT pay. but then, after 4months of working with the company things got a little difficult like only 1 day off to the usual which was supposed to be 1 and a half days, but he was still able to survive that. Ramadan shifting was fine but they had to work 10hrs a day a week before Eid and was promised by their Supervisors and Managers that they will be paid OT which never happened instead gave them extra days off, as scheduled by their Supervisor not them. it was still fine with them, you know Filipinos, they take shit as long as they can still take it since Filipinos are unlucky people having family relying on them to survive back home. another thing that happened was all living-out staff, housing allowance is deducted with 300dhs bcoz their reason is house rent in Dubai is going down and staff living in accommodation, meal allowance is deducted bcoz their reason is that food is lowering down in Dubai after lowering of House Rent will take effect. what is worst is that their GENERAL MANAGER, MANAGERS, SUPERVISORS takes cut on all tips they get from their customers which these people didnt work their ass out to give the best service, since these MANAGEMENT people are earning way bigger than waiters, busboys, runners, cooks, kitchen helpers still they get a cut bigger than these people who really work hard and are mistreated...

NOW, things really got WORST!!! when they are absent for being sick or whatever reason, the next day though they already report for work they are still considered absent. its like 1absent has to be paid for another 1absent which you still have to work for. if you are late, you will be deducted 50dhs per late which they only earn 30dhs per day as salary. its already too much right??!!?? most of them treated like this are Filipinos since Management are Lebanese, a few waiters are Lebanese as well but are treated right. they approached HR about the problem since their immediate Supervisors, Managers just ignore them. HR Personnel said that they cant do anything about it since the Owner though is from the ruling family also ignores all these things that the Management has been doing bcoz the General Manager made this Restaurant expand in the Mid-East.

now, my questions are:


b. most of them want to find another job,WHAT ARE THE NEW LABOR LAW CHANGES ABOUT CHANGING EMPLOYER?

hope you can help me and my husband with this SLAVERY ABUSE!!

all comment are welcome, just write it nicely! :? :? :?

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