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kyrgyzstan Apr 14, 2014
I offer you a trip to the most beautiful place in the world!!!!
It had everything: high mountains, blue lakes, waterfall, hot water pools, skiing, fishing, Rafteing, Hunter Marco Polo, eagle, deer, and other animals,
Could make the trip: walk, walk with horses, jeeps, Minbos,
Anyone who loves birds, butterflies, flowers, large forest green, you should come here
We offer you a trip you will never forget.
The price is cheap and inexpensive,

to contact you by e-mail: .

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Re: Kyrgyzstan Jun 15, 2014
nice! I would like visit it
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Re: Kyrgyzstan Jun 21, 2014
Write me an email and I will arrange for you an amazing trip

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Re: Kyrgyzstan Jul 21, 2014
In Kyrgyzstan they also have beautifull lake and resorts around it , so make sure you visit them as well
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