I Have A Good Business Opportunity In Dubai

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I Have A Good Business Opportunity In Dubai Aug 04, 2010

I am an engineer in the USA and the job market is pretty slow here. I have a friend who is now working in Dubai and seems to be doing well.

I am American and wish to put out a few ideas for replies:

1. How are Americans treated ?

2. Where is the best place to go for advice for work / living Visas?

3. I am married and wish to bring my wife over who is Russian, is this easy or hard. Plus, she has one son from a different marriage. He is not my son. Will it be difficult to get him over?

4. I read about the cultural sensitivity in certain places. I am a culturally sensitive person and know people from dozens of countries. How sensitive is sensitive?

5. How accepted is western dress?

6. For a slightly above average of living style how much is the cost in US or Euros per month.

7. I am not dissing Dubai,, but I have read some pretty eye opening things which would make one not want to live in Dubai. What is the truth?



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