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Talented & Experienced Designer Jul 12, 2012
I am a Dubai based designer with 10years experienced in designing Couture/ High Fashioned Dresses and Arabic dresses. I've been designing for one big & well knowed Luxury Abaya and Haute Couture company here in Dubai but I resigned to find more greener pastures. Some of my works (bridal & party dresses/gowns) was seen in some fashion shows such as "The Bride Show" and has been featured in some Dubai Magazine with good reviews.

I'm looking for a sponsor who will not limit my creativity and passion in fashion industry. I want to build my own name and give the company an assurance of continous growth by using my unique designs (not a copy design).

I have unique & fascinating style in creating : bridal dresses, party dresses, western style gowns & cocktail dresses, Arabic dresses like Jalabiya & Luxury Abaya.
Skills: Sketching clear Designs , Illustration, pattern making, man power job assignment & monitoring, bead work pattern making. I also have knowledge in fashion photography so I can easily photoshoot the collection.

I am also fluent in English that's why I can communicate with clients easily to get their needs and satisfy them with the results.

As of now, while i am waiting for possible sponsor, I am willing to do freelance works.

To see my well done works & portfolio, just visit my own website: http://www.almodaleo.com (please use Google Chrome for faster loading)

Keep in touch with me!!! 0507062559

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