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furniture Feb 25, 2007
I have just had notice that my studio apartment is now completed and the keys will soon be ready to be handed over to me I have to go over for the handover process and was hoping to get it furnished at the same time depending if i have time. Even if I have time to go over and choose furniture, does anyone know how long would it take before I would be able to get it delivered? Can anyone recommend good reasonably priced furniture stores. I would like to have traditional furniture(I think)so don't think IKEA would be suitable. As it is only a studio I have, I thought of probably getting a sofa bed. Am I likely to get a traditional styled sofa which actually is a sofa bed too? I had been thinking it would be really helpful if I was able to shop on-line and order the furniture here and arrange for a delivery date for when we are in Dubai. At least that would save time and I would be able to get it all furnished during the one visit. So does anyone know of any furniture stores/companies that allow you to order online? Hope someone can help with names of furniture stores for me please.

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Mar 14, 2007
IKEA and Home Center deliver the stuff to your door and even assemble it for you within a week.

If you want it immidiately,you will need to transport it to your residence by yourself.

I dont know of any stores that allow you to order online :(
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Furniture Mar 17, 2007
Give me a call can take care of everything.... we manufacture sofa beds and wall beds... we are regularly furnishing apartments/ villas etc
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Re: furniture Apr 27, 2010
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