Digital Instruments In UAE?

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Digital Instruments in UAE? Jul 28, 2011
My birthdays coming up, and seeing as how I live in a teeny tiny desert I thought a great gift to myself this year would be a digital drum kit!

I've found the yamaha dtxplorer, seems like a solid buy and yamaha is reputable so it's sure to last. However, I can't find a single dang place this side of saudi that sells it!

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Re: Digital Instruments In UAE? Jul 28, 2011
Try the yamaha instrument dealers in Dubai, close to Traders Inn in Deira, or the many Musical Instrument shops like Sonia Electronics, Zaks, Fann Al Sout. Music Chambers etc etc.

If you can afford it and find it, try the Alesis or best yet go a real kit. Not that pricey nowadays and pretty good deals on used ones around. Just take up a lot more space and pretty loud to say the least ! and not very handy if need to be carried to gigs. I always envied the Guitarist who just show up with there Guitar and pedals !
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