How To Get Job In Dubai? Ifrom India

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How To Get Job In Dubai? ifrom india Mar 26, 2014
i am Digital Marketing professional from india and seeking to get job in dubai. right now i am in india. can any one guide me. thax a lot in advance... tell me also about life in dubai for india etc thax.


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Re: How To Get Job In Dubai? Ifrom India Jul 09, 2014
I am also expecting same, but it seems that it is very difficult to get these kind of opportunity in Dubai or in any other country. as you can see in India that everyone is doing SEO and same could be situation in other countries also. Unless you are exceptionally good in your field and company is really big, then only they will look beyond country to hire any SEOs.
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Re: How To Get Job In Dubai? Ifrom India Jul 14, 2014
Life is Dubai is very different probably compare to any other part of the world, life here is very much artificial though looks natural. Dubai is a temperature controlled city that is why environment is much better as compare to before. As far as job part is concerned i think it is better to search jobs in Dubai via Dubbizle as you will see a lot of job opportunities there, also you can showcase yourself there with your skillset. So there is a more chance you will get a job from Dubbizle. But it depends on season as well, for example in these days companies and businesses are down and market is slow. So you should better look forward for the month of August. Although you can start applying now. All the best.
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Re: How To Get Job In Dubai? Ifrom India Jul 29, 2014
Make sure you have a professional CV and cover letter when applying for jobs. Also, prepare an online portfolio of work you've done which employers can easily look at to know about your abilities.
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