Rough Cost For Move From Uk To Dubai?

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Rough cost for move from Uk to Dubai? May 15, 2011
My family and I are mmoving to Dubai next month. I'm looking to get a rough idea of moving clothe, books, sports equipment (bikes etc) and some baby furniture (cot, drawers) and toys to Dubai. We're keeping our house to rent so will not be moving beds and other furniture. It's a 3 bedroom flat.

Just looking for an idea to the nearest £500.



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Re: Rough cost for move from Uk to Dubai? May 15, 2011
Call movers/shippers in your area. They would look at the items you want to ship and give you a quote. I think if shipping by container, there may be a minimum amount of space that you will have to take (1/4 or 1/2 container?) regardless if you fill it up or not.
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