UAE Sets Out New Family Law

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UAE sets out New family law Mar 08, 2021
Divorce and inheritance:

One of the most significant developments relates to divorce, separation and the division of assets if a marriage breaks down. If a couple were married in their home country, but get a divorce in the UAE, the laws of the country where the marriage took place will apply. The new law mentions joint assets and joint accounts, and that the court could be called on to mediate if there was no agreement between the two parties.

The changes also cover wills and inheritance. Until now, family members of a deceased person, particularly in acrimonious cases, could have found assets were divided under Sharia, which expats may be unused to.
Now, a person's citizenship will dictate how their assets are divided among their next of kin, unless they have written a will. The one exception is for property purchased in the UAE, which will be managed according to UAE law.

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