Lionbridge Acoustic Data Program- Arabic Language UAE

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Lionbridge Acoustic Data Program- Arabic Language UAE May 21, 2019
The aim of this project is to help in improving and further developing modern speech recognition systems for computers and mobile devices. The project consists of collecting voice samples in Arabic (from United Arab Emirates). The tasks are performed remotely (from home or any quiet place) and do not require any specific knowledge or previous experience.
Task description:
The participants will see sentences in Arabic on the screen and will need to record their voice while reading them aloud. The adults will see 200 sentences and the children will see 160 short sentences or parts of sentences. Note that the content is adjusted to respect ages 3 to 15 years, however, in case a sentence is considered inappropriate, it can be skipped.
- An Android device (phone or tablet) or a computer (desktop or laptop) with Chrome
- Internet connection
- A quiet place for the recording
- The participants’ mother tongue should be Arabic (from United Arab Emirates).
Estimated duration of the task:
Adults: up to 30 minutes
Children: 30 minutes to 1h, depending on the age of the child (young children might need the parent support, so the completion time will be closer to 1h)

Estimated start date of this project: Immediate

Reward offered:
Adults: 20 USD for the entire task (200 sentences).
Children: 45 USD for the entire task (160 sentences).
The payments will be done by PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer

How to register:
To register your children: One of the parents or legal guardians will have to fill in a short form at:

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