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PLS HELP URGENT Sep 19, 2013
Hello all,

I am in a serious problem. I had got a job in dubai and my visit visa has come to an end so i am back to my home country. The employer told me he will file my visa and then created alot of issues for me. Nw finally after filing the visa he is thinking of canceling it. Right now only approval from MOL department has come. They have not yet paid money and collected ework permit.

Now if i want can i ask them to cancel as they have created alot of problems for me. Since I am still in my home country and not reached there and there is not stamp on my passport will i get a ban?

i was planning to get rid of them and then come again on visit visa and search for a better company. pls advise guys plsss help i need to get back to dubai as my fiance is also there.

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Re: PLS HELP URGENT Sep 19, 2013
dont worry dear, cancle the visa and then try for freezone if bann is there and i dont think so u will get any ban but still to say safe saide .and read out below blog you will fine more info ... -employee/
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undefined Jan 24, 2014
Tell your company to send visa
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Re: PLS HELP URGENT Jan 20, 2016
R u clear now?
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