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My dream land UAE Aug 16, 2013
Because of approved vacation and not returning back in the work ADNH put me absconding in the emigration. I served 5 and 1/2 years to the company and I received a criminal charge being a maximum loyal, honest and intelligent to the company. Is there any chance forum can help me to remove my absconding at any price/cost or legal treatment to help me come out from this calamity. I just want to come once in UAE and serve my life time in this heavenly dream land.

Please suggest me. I am ready to do anything to be release from this circumstances.

Thank you

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Re: My dream land UAE Aug 30, 2013
Dear concerned person,

We can help you with your situation. We handle all issues and treat each case with care. All our work is done through LEGAL means. We cater to:

- Individual issues (blacklist, visa etc).
- Company issues (Special licenses, Sponsorship etc).
- Other Business related work.

Kindly send your inquiry or issue to . Please also provide a brief summary if required.

Do not be shy or nervous to explain your situation as we have dealt with many cases. Your inquiries and issues will be discussed in a private manner with full confidentiality.

Important Note:

- Please avoid individuals who say they can do blacklist removals and special business licensing through illegal means. These people are FRAUDulent individuals.

Everything can be done in the UAE if you follow the legal procedures.

- We do not charge for our advice but we DO charge for our service.

- You MUST have the funds for our service and be WILLING to pay for the services we provide.

- Our pricing varies by each case.

Best Regards,

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Re: My Dream Land UAE Sep 18, 2013
GynendraSharma , Message me ur details.
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Re: My Dream Land UAE Jan 20, 2016
R u guys still working?
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