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Enlan Badminton Finger Trainer Oct 13, 2010
——Help You Become Top Badminton Players
Badminton Finger Trainer
Material: High-hardness polyester rubber
Color: Transparent light yellow
F25— the common size (25mm in diameter, 280mm in length), easier to bend, for primary badminton amateurs.
F30— the powerful size (30mm in diameter, 280mm in length), harder to bend, for professional badminton athletes or badminton amateurs with a higher level.
Finger strength is one of the key techniques of badminton. Many people will not know that, a number of international professional badminton athletes have a special rubber stick, for daily finger strengthening exercises. Good finger strength can help to improve smashing power and accuracy, improve counterattack ability to volley the smash, making one’s attack and counterattack more threatening. While amateur badminton players usually ignore finger exercises, which makes finger-strengthening the bottleneck of further improving their techniques, capacities and levels. Some professors point out, that to train finger strength well is the only road for badminton amateurs to become top players, and is the required course of professional badminton athletes.

Cooperating with some scientific research institutions, taking reference to the rubber sticks used by badminton athletes, analyzing the strength requirements of finger exercises, after all-round material selection, experiment, comparison and series parameters design, Enlan Sports Co., Ltd finally successfully develops two sizes of Badminton Finger Trainer (F25-the common size, and F30-the powerful size), which use the high-performance polyester rubber as base material, with trace of additive to adjust the elasticity and flexibility to meet the different finger training requirements of athletes or players.

The successful development of Badminton Finger Trainer also resolves many problems during training with ordinary rubber stick, such as lack of elasticity and easy to break, difficulties in controlling the hardness, not so beautiful appearance, etc. Especially in the aspect of useful life, some breakthroughs have been made, so that the useful life is increased from 1 or 2 months to years of usage without damage.

Enlan Badminton Finger Trainer has been successfully published on EBAY website. Hereafter, the overseas badminton players can buy it from EBAY website directly through PAYPAL.
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