Does Living In Dubai Cause Hair Loss? And What Are Solutions

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Does Living In Dubai Cause Hair Loss? And What are solutions Mar 18, 2015 ... rries.html
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Re: Does Living In Dubai Cause Hair Loss? And What Are Solut May 26, 2015
In the Middle East region, more than 50% of men over 23 years of age are already suffering from hair loss issues. Desert water is the main hair loss cause here in Dubai. It is common among many women including expats and locals. In Middle east, there is a great amount of hair loss compared to other regions in the world. Chlorine is used in the water and that is responsible for hair breakage and damage.
The drinking water also lacks minerals and other nutrients essential to human. There is a lot of stress here as people work long hours, they may not eat healthily or have regular meals.
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Re: Does Living In Dubai Cause Hair Loss? And What Are Solut May 30, 2016
Hair Transplant is also a solution for hair loss. For more visit:
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