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Regarding internet in Dubai Jul 01, 2009
I've been here in Dubai for about 3 weeks now, everything is fine as long internet is not concerned.
Skype website is blocked, VoIP traffic is being sniffed and blocked by the ISP, many sharing websites are blocked, image sharing websites are blocked and tons of blogs are blocked.
I didn't have a chance to call the ISP customer service but they say that I must fill a form to request the site to be unblocked.. and I am not willing to fill forms for hundreds of sites and the concept of VoIP is totally restricted over here.
I was wondering if you guys know if it is possible to submit an application or whatever it is to the ISP to stop restricting my internet access?
I'm aware of the VPN solution but it doesn't suit me as it degrades the bandwidth which is already bad here so what do you guys think?

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Jul 01, 2009
Oh, Etisalat must be your service provider. Move to an area where Du is the provider and you can get Skype with no problem. I also understand that they don't block as many sites as does Etisalat.
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