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Profit Gap - Inflation, COL Sep 06, 2008
If someone is making 25-30K dh per month, single, and even has some allowances for rent and car, isn't that still a pretty picture when you subtract inflation, cost of living, accomodations from the salary?

25K = 7K CAD per month
Accomodations = 3K CAD per month
Food, Entertainment = 2K CAD per month
Net = 2K in bank account?

I know that's a simplified situation, but does seem to hold true, generally speaking? I'm thinking that I can secure accomodations for 10,500 dh per month and that food and entertainment is only as much as I make it.

Naïve? (obviously I mean to say by "pretty" that it's not going to be a life of surviving by every pay-cheque, that saving is possible in this situation. And "pretty" obviously depends on how much a person expects to save, profit, and so on, assuming there salary may jump in the following year or benefit from bonuses, etc)

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