Offering Free Cosmic Energy Healing In Dubai

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Offering free cosmic energy healing in Dubai Dec 07, 2015
Our emotional life, filled with constant disturbances and conflicts, drains our vital energy. Through the cosmic healing, the sick or negative energy that has been locked up in the vital organs are transformed. Morality, good emotions (thought plus feelings) and good deeds are the most direct path to maintain this healing and balance. To be good to others is good for oneself as well. All the good energies we create are stored in the Energy Body like deposits in a bank account. By helping others and giving them love, kindness and gentleness, we receive positive energy in return. When we open our hearts, we are filled with love, joy and happiness. The more good we do, the more positive energy we receive.
Cosmic healing is done absolutely free.
All pain and pain related illnesses can be cured with cosmic healing.

For more details and healing appointment, search renjit bhargavan in FB

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