Giving Birth In Dubai Vs UK

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Giving birth in Dubai vs UK Mar 25, 2008
Dear Dubai Forum,

Its looking like I'll be posted to Dubai shortly and for 2-3 years. I've spent time there before and loved the place, even though that was a few years ago and I know its grown probably 2+ times since then.

Anyway... my wife is nearly 3 months pregnant and we have the option of private health care in Dubai, vs her staying in the UK and giving birth in local hospital.

Clearly it would be great if we could stay together as a family throughout the pregancy and birth (which would be the case if the baby was born in Dubai), but there are some questions that I have... can anyone help answer?

a) Would my wife need to have the medical (blood test and chest x-ray) in order to get residency visa when she was pregnant - or can the residency medical (the x-ray in particular) be deferred till after the birth.

b) Have any other mums-to-be in Dubai had typhoid and HepA jabs whilst pregnant - or did you wait till after birth and after breastfeeding before having these injections.

c) Is the traffic soooo bad these days that expat families that are expecting usually find apartments very close to American Hospital or Welcare to cut down on travel time when labor starts. Or is it just not that bad... and you can quite happily get villa/aptmnt in Jumeirah, Umm Seq, or say Arabian Ranches, and even if you need to get to hospital in rush hour it won't take more than 30-45 mins (wishful thinking, but I'll see what the forum response is).

d) and finally. From websites and Dubai Explorer I get the impression that the medical care for mother and baby, either privately or at Al Wasl is top notch, even if the baby requires ICU.... Please do let me know if this is not quite the case.

I think having the baby in Dubai will be the best option all round; keeps the family together and avoids a newborn having to fly for 7hrs. But anyone able to comment on the above would be much appreciated.



PS My wife is asking where the most popular expat residential areas are for mums with babies. My work will be based at the airport, and so we wouldn't want to live more than 45mins-1hr commute away from there (avoiding peak rush hour times). Thanks again.

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Mar 26, 2008
Jumeirah/Umm Suqeim about 30 mins from airport outside rush hour. Emirates Hills / Arabian Ranches 40 mins. All those areas have expat mums and babies.

Pregnant in Dubai has some info but mostly what you know already. I'd guess Al Wasl, American Hospital, Welcare as good as or better than UK government hospitals. You might find Al Wasl unfriendly, but medically it should still be good (although 1 or 2 babies died there a month or more ago from bugs in the ICU unit I think).
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Mar 26, 2008
While I am allergic to babies, everything I hear about giving birth in Dubai is Positive (as in good).

Your wife should joing you it will be better for all.

All the best.

Others will post the specific and Bonk already started.
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Mar 26, 2008
Here is a list of answers I know for a fact (my brother and his wife had a premie 2 months ago as well as a difficult pregnancy)

1) Having the child here is no notch care
2) their doctor was stellar at Welcare Garhoud
3)x-ray can be deferred (if you "look" healthy, they won't bother in the first place)
4)my sister in law gave birth during Bush's visit and the mighty rains. Traffic sucked as usual, but now people actually leave the hard shoulders on the highway free (they used to use them as another lane). I made it from Arabian Ranches to Welcare in just over 20 minutes. I MAY have been speeding, though. Live where you want to, it doesn't matter, and now A Ranches has a medical facility from early morning to late night. that was plan B if there was trouble.
5) my nephew required an emerg. c-section as well as ICU. The facilities and staff were excellent for mum and baby.
6) my Aunt has worked in the newborn ICU unit in Canada forever and commented that the facilities/instruction here were right on par.
7) based at the airport, Mirdiff is a good spot, although right over the flightpath, but certainly cheaper than the Ranches.

Make a decision quick....mum can't fly past the second trimester.

Best of luck.
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Mar 26, 2008
Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.


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