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Getting a job in Dubai Jun 02, 2005
Can anyone help? I am coming to Dubai in the next few weeks with my friend who is looking for a job there. We have never been, but he is a great salesman with quite a few years of experience. He is 33, from belgium and speaks dutch, english and french. Is is easy to get work there? How should be go about it? Maybe the recruitment agencies?
Also, how about driving out there on an EU license and finding accomodation? Are you pretty much on your own or does your employer help with all this? Any advise would be great. Also, as we have never been before and are combining this as a job seeking excersise as well as a break, where should be stay? City or beach? People keep telling me its a giant building site out there and very dusty at the moment. The Shangri La was recommended but as taxis are so cheap would we be better at the beach? Used to four and five star places but not with mega royal prices.

Any advise for our first visit?

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Jun 03, 2005
Depends what kind of sales. There is alot of competition from people of the sub-asian continent.

There are tons of recruitmnt agencies. Bayt, Clarendon Parker, IQ Select, etc.... Just google it and you will get a whole list :)

Some employers help with the appartment search, some give you the appartment and some do jack all.

Drivers liscence: ... icense.php

Stay at Burj Al Arab... Just kidding... :lol:

Beach hotels that are "affordable" and that I know of in order of increasing price: Oasis Beach Hotel, Jebel Ali Hotel, Hilton Jumeira, Palm Tree Court and Spa... Its gets expensive after that....
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Jun 04, 2005
Hey Guys,

With regard to dribing licences, you can probably hire a car on your EU licence, but best maybe to pick up an international driving licence. If you end up living here, you don't have to take another driving test, you just get it swapped for a UAE one, it's really easy.

Yeah as said in one of the other posts, it depends on what kind of sales, as many Indian, Asians tend to corner the markets for that here and you might got find the same kind of salary as you'd find in Europe.
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