Past Life Regression Seminar And Reiki-Dubai-28thNov-1stDec

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Past life regression seminar and Reiki-Dubai-28thNov-1stDec Nov 06, 2008
Dear Friends,

Here like to introduce you all with Cosmic Rhythm. It is the Spiritual Retreat Centre for transformation and Development. Along with the commitment of Reiki energy, it also incorporates holistic approach in itself by conducting psycho spiritual workshop like Enlightenment Intensives, Transformation & Past Life Workshop, Reiki Intensive, Anger Management and various other workshops catering to all walks of Life.
We are glad to inform you that very senior Reiki Master and Past life regression expert Master AKHILESH is visiting to Dubai from 28th November to 1st December (Friday to Monday) to conduct :
- Reiki Seminar (28th-29th Nov, Fri-Sat)
- Past Life regression sessions (1 Hour Duration-30th Nov & 1st Dec’08)

“AKHILESH is very senior Reiki Master of high repute and has lead psycho-spiritual workshops in different parts of the world. He works with individuals, couples & in groups and his work helps one to emerge from within to realize the true sense of self, life and others. Akhilesh has played a great role in spreading the message of love, peace and harmony to the universe. He is known as a clear and inspiring speaker and counsellor. He uses proven methods for helping individuals process their inner issues and move towards in a more fulfilling direction in their lives.”
Past Life Regression Sessions
- Personal Regression with prior Appointment - (Duration : Aprox one hour)

:arrow: :arrow: On 30th November & 1st December
Regression session reveals how past and present lives can affect our future lives.”
Purpose of attending Past Regression session may be:
- To get to the depth of issues that prevents us from realizing our potential today.
- To empty mind from its preconceptions, learns to work with enthusiasm, resulting in adopting better strategies
- You may get answers of purpose in life.
- To resolve relationship issues.
- Personal issues like loneliness, sadness, depression can be overcome
- On basis of understanding clearly, you can create new future/life by choice.
- You can create abundance of love, joy and money by choice.
- To understand how fear guilt, anger and phobias affect life, blocking the path of abundance.
- You can feel fulfilment within yourself
- For the spiritual development of self.
Past Life regression session can be attended individually or may be in the group.
[b]For further information on these seminars contact
Cosmic Rhythm

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