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Help with New Years Event? Nov 24, 2010
I am trying to put together a New Years Event where a new production exotic car will be flown via helicopter to the top of a hotel where it will be revealed for it's world debut. I am needing to get the necessary permits and permissions to pull this off if possible? I need help and so I am inquiring here, Thank you.

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Re: Help With New Years Event? Nov 24, 2010
Hi Mark. I would start by contacting the owner of the building that you have in mind. If a hotel, you can contact the General Manager. I think that between your and the owner/general manager, the permits and permissions required can be obtained as they will all have to be issued by the government. If it's a hotel, it would be great publicity for them and they may go the extra to do as much as they can to achieve it. I will say, things happen slowly here so you may not have enough time to pull it off.

Good luck.
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