'GLOWING TRIBUTE' From Expat's Point Of View

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'GLOWING TRIBUTE' from expat's point of view 33 days ago
Good Morning Everyone

What a beautiful words did I read this morning, mashaallah. Indeed a great way to start a day.
May Allah bless the son and the father who caused beautiful feelings this morning.
They fed poetic souls and added beauty to this world. Indeed I do agree with this tribute with entire my soul.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said:

“There are leaders who are created by time and leaders who create their time. There are leaders who change the landscape and leaders who change the way people think. There are leaders whose stories were written … in history books and leaders who carved glory for their people in history’s memory.
Mohammed bin Rashid is a leader and more. He is the builder of a nation and more. He is a way to approach business and more.
Mohammed bin Rashid is ‘thought’. The thought of every society that seeks to eliminate the word ‘impossible’ from its dictionary. The thought of every country that aims to raise the ceiling of expectations and achievements. The thought of every young person who embraces ambitions and dreams. The thought of every person who works in the humanitarian field. The thought of every person who works in the field of culture and knowledge. The thought of every chivalrous and noble knight. The thought of every innovative and authentic poet. The thought of every dreamer whose astounding thoughts are out of the box. The thought of all those who seek to become the first, the best and the finest. Mohammed bin Rashid is ‘thought’, and great thoughts are eternal.”


Shaikh Mohamed Bin Rashid is really a special leader. He helped to make everyone's life in UAE better.
How many times he changed laws and made it possible for all people to enjoy life in UAE in their way.
It is enough to send ideas via MBR Smart Majlis portal or any other way and you will be heard.

But that is not the best part. The best is that we all do change our mentality when living in UAE. We all get inspired to get better, to achieve more, to think out of the box, to find ways and to remove the word impossible from our dictionary. It is easy for all of us to feel confident and to demand more when we have such examples in our lives. Back home our people think that we are special, that "the best minds" left the country. They call it brain-drain. But they do not know that we become like that after we left, after we learned from the best.

In UAE we write emails of complains to all institutions, we demand, we suggest, we insist.... and we are always heard and responded to in sense of change. So that same mentality we forwarded back to our country, asking our Ministries and institutions, demanding and suggesting, insisting and assuring them that we can reach whatever we dream for, just they have to make it possible for us on governmental levels.
And now they think that we are special, but we are just ordinary Dubaians :D

It is really great and important for everyone to have exemplary leader in life. We are lucky that we have one. But still I am angry with Shaikh Mohamed Bin Rashid because I have no access to his email :D
But anger does not prevent me to love him, appreciate him and witness his true leadership. May Allah s.w.t. make his life better, easier and safer as he made ours in UAE. And may Allah s.w.t. give him long and healthy life and may he witness his good ideas come true. And may Allah protect him from evil people and evil ideas. May Allah s.w.t. protect his family too, and his people. Allahumme Amin.

I would only add PATIENCE to the glory tribute, as Shaikh Mohamed is so patient with people and their complaints, with their languages and stupidities. He is so tolerant and open-minded to the astonishment level.
Who knows him otherwise must ask himself why.

I just resent him for being Leader of Arabs and not to try to make it on ummah level. He could have enough patience, wisdom and vision of how to unite ummah that consist of impossible groups and profiles of people;
Shia and Sunni, wahabi and sufi, opressors of women and oppressors of young boys (gay), desire followers and zina lovers, gold-diggers and visa seekers, Pharaohs and corrupts, sheeps and wolfs....

If we can all live and thrive together peacefully in Dubai, we could so in every place of the earth.

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