CoronaVirus Memoirs

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CoronaVirus memoirs 52 days ago
March 2020

Nurseries and schools are closed. :read2: :study:
We have two weeks of holiday before we continue online distance learning. :hiding:
My ex husband sent us a box via Amazon, full of soaps, Clorox, sanitizers and such. We were grateful even though we had those already.
I completed two online courses for tutoring and creating online classes and watched Microsoft tutorials for Teams. :sign3:
Kids are still going out to do some exercise on the beach and jogging.
I went to The Post office and got the most beautiful postcard from Frankfurt.
Next day I went to Post Office and sent letters and postcards to family and friends.

Ex husband sent us a box from Amazon again. :occasion1: We were excited. I personally hoped to see some chocolates or sweets "for kids" inside. Those are my favorite. :occasion1:
But when we opened the box I had a mild shock attack. Inside was a big bottle of Clorox. Again! I sent message to ex saying that I will report him for mental abuse if he sends more Clorox. :violent3:
Thanks God I am not living with him for years. Probably each time he reads news about virus he buys chemicals. I can imagine his entire building smelling on chemicals after he cleans his house. :lol: :lol: Once he combined chemicals when he was washing his bathroom, which resulted in chemical reaction and he ended up in hospital. :drunken: :evil3:

Online schooling started. Teachers are causing my stress. They want kids to go trough materials alone, learn it and finish assignment in 45 minutes and send it back to them. I complained and said that's not the way of distance learning. That's self-learning and teaching is missing there. :dark1:
They reassured me that proper teaching will start after two weeks, as they are just revising now.
One teacher is insisting that kids send homework via Dojo message inbox. It took me 4 days to explain to him that parents and students have no such option given from Dojo platform, but only teachers. Fifth day he got it, so he told us we can send homework via e-mail. :mrgreen:

Lockout was announced starting from the next day. :banghead: I went to the Post Office as I was awaiting a parcel from my friend and letters/postcards from family. But P.O. Box was empty.
Next day we could not go out without permission at all. But I got sms from Post Office. I asked for permission to go to the Post but request was denied. That's not emergency enough.
I got angry with that decision and unfollowed authorities on social media. :book:
After two days I got a call from The Main Post Office. They told me I can pick my parcel there. I went and took it. Thanks Post :hello1: :hello1: :hello2:
But I couldn't send a card for Ramadan occasion as international delivery is not working anymore, until further notice.

Ex husband is sending constant messages about cleaning tips. :smilebox: He is asking his son how do we clean the floor, do we spray things from grocery before we bring them in, which type of cleaning product we put inside the water for disinfecting the house etc. etc.
I sent him a message: we let our cat pee on things that we bring from outside. Cat urine is the best disinfectant. He replied; NOT funny at all :lol: :lol:
He asked if we need anything. I said that we need some black chocolates and other sweets.
And that time he sent proper box of sweets indeed :wav:
He insisted to buy some food for us as well for "just in case" purpose. Before we used to order from online grocery but I was never satisfied with green products or meat products (nothing was up to my expectations so I closed app and never looked back), so I buy food myself and choose on my own.

After two days we got a big box full of groceries from Amazon. :occasion1: Inside were some good stuff and some 'bad' stuff that I would never buy unless we are starving and that's only left to eat.
Some canned poultry meat produced in 2017. Expiring this year :pale:
I opened and tried to give to cat a little but cat sniffed and left untouched. Our cat doesn't eat chemicals or anything unhealthy as well. Nutrition label on backside of the can says that one serving contains 52% of sodium :violent2:
So I decided to cook bans and make Gravce Tavce dish without using salt at all.

Seeing canned meat inside the dish my son was avoiding it big time. :bom: :bom:
It would be much easier for him to find coronavirus inside the dish then that peaces of canned meat. So I offered a cat few peaces and it ate it all! :cat: :angel8:
After seeing a cat eating he ate as well. We had a nice delicious dish with unhealthy food and we survived. It was time to make a nice healthy food with black seed oil and seeds to celebrate it. :occasion7: :occasion6: :occasion9:

April 2020

We are inside the house for long enough and it is getting boring. We are playing Wii Fit and eating after it a little bit. A bit more. Kids turned the house into a theater. The Play "Tom and Jerry" plays every day. :toothy1:
I break plates to get some quiet times. And tea mugs as well. :coffee2:
If this lockout takes to long I will have nothing to eat from. Already I am using salad bowl for soup and chorba. I wonder if authorities will give me permission to go out if I ask to go "plates and mugs shopping" :sign5:

I started to prepare for Ramadan. We have L shaped living room and it was always a challenge to arrange it properly. But since my sons can't go to mosque for prayers now I decided to arrange our own masjid inside the room's smaller part of L. :angel4:
We pray in jama3a now. :love4: :love7: :love1:
It looks cosy and cat loves it as well. Soft prayer mats are ideal spot for cat to relax on.

My older son got carried with new 'imam' role and was to loud while praying Fajr. As if he swallowed a microphone and it stuck in his throat enhancing his teenage version of tenor voice. :director:
Hopefully our neighbor woke up for prayer with his family too, as otherwise they might be disturbed. :protest:


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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 50 days ago
Still April:

While cooking a lunch I got a surprise delivery package from Amazon again :occasion1:
What could it be :?:
To small for sweets, even smaller for food :scratch: and alhamdulillah even smaller for chemicals :cheers:

Try guessing:
- is it sweet - YES
- is it food - YES
- is it organic - YES
- is it healthy - YES
- is it a surprise - YES


Curiosity...curiosity... well, let's open it together :nike: :offtheair:
Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 09.20.51.png
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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 45 days ago
Here I want to share a useful link with readers who have kids at home or within themselves: :computer:

We got Ramadan decorations as a gift for our Musalla and also a big box of great stuff. :occasion7:

Looking forward for a great Ramadan and the best quality time with my own self. :clock:

Deactivated from FB, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

It is almost as I'tikaf all the time at home. :flower:
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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 43 days ago
Choose English subtitle for English :) :toothy4:

RAMADAN MUBAREK :occasion7: :occasion9: :occasion7:

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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 41 days ago
Yesterday we went to the beach for the first time after 2 months yaaaay :sunny:
Alhamdulillah, that was a good half an hour of quality time outside :toothy7: :toothy8:

The sea is super clean and we saw many fish swimming in the shallow near the beach.

Today I hurried to the toilet and while in a hurry my brain blocked. I tried to remember du3a for entering the toilet...and I knew there were two H so i tried: "Allahumma inni authu bika minel Hemmi wel Hazeni". (الهم و الحزن) :dontknow:

...Tried and tried few times until I remembered Hubs and Habais. (خبث و الخبائث) :happy7: :happy6:

Today I fancy to go out again :iroc: Just to check that P.O.Box :glasses7:
The day before lockdown I went and P.O.Box was empty, but I saw post office workers bringing full bag of letters to deliver. I couldn't wait for them to check if there was anything for me...since then I have urge to go to check P. O. Box :lol: :lol:

I red in the news that Emirates Loto is not a lottery :shock:
Then it is a pottery? :drunken: :roll:

--- Sat Apr 25, 2020 10:27 am ---
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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 40 days ago
I really feel terrorized by banks. When I get money from my country (from my father or a friend) they give me with no problem 20 000 thousand or so. :edfirst:
But when I come to send to my friend 2000 then they ask me questions: do you work, where do you work, who gives you visa, who is this person you are sending to, what is your relation, do you have contact number of this person, how much in total you own... :fucyc:

They treat me like the criminal just because I want to give back to people I own, or to send little amount of money outside the country. :naka:

What a system!! I feel like in North Korea sometimes, because of bank attitudes and sending money services....same story. :protest:

Today I went to P.O. Box and found a letter there! Yaaay what a beautiful letter. Sent on 9th March and was sitting there in Box since lockdown and I got it today on 26th April. What a feeling. At least something beautiful today. Alhamdulillah. :love10: :love4:


Everyone is learning new skills nowadays. So I decided to do the same :spam1:
Learning a little about business startup, building website...and God knows what else will I have to learn :hiding:

Dreaming a lot about tasty organic food from my country. Specially meats. :happy2:
Meats have no smell nor taste here...nothing. You have to add tons of spices to make difference between stone/wood and meat you eat :mrgreen: :lol: :lol:

Well, to be more fair there are good meats here as well, but you have to give fortune to feed family with those. :sign6:
But alhamdulillah. It is not that bad at all, just I missed the smell and taste of my country and this closure makes it more intense... to the point that moves me to think of export-import business :idea1: :smilebox:
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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 29 days ago
The Post office is delivering post between Europe and UAE now. :cheers:
Yaaay, that's so cool. I got a parcel from Turkey today. :occasion1:

Looking forward to pray for ending of coronavirus pandemic on 14th of May. Inshaallah :!:

That's new innovative way to deal with things that are happening in the society. :sign7:

Ordered by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity and hopefully it will work to end pandemic... :happy2: :happy2:
But later as well to end wars, poverty, hunger, injustice, modern slavery, diseases... :notworthy:

After pandemic stops I can't wait to pray to end wars and they stop. :angel1: :angel2: :angel5:

Then we pray for everything else and this world becomes heaven on earth... :fish: :duckie: :dog: :grommit: :cat: :bunny:

Sounds like time of Mahdi is approaching so soon. :blob3: :blob4: :blob5: :blob7: :blob8: :blob2:
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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 27 days ago
Everyday I have to learn something new. Today that's Whatsapp web option. :study:

My kids are doing assignments for their engineering course. :study: :read2:

And I was so pleased as they didn't touch their phones for a week or so. :homework:

What a serious students, mashaallah! Mashaallah! :king: :queen:

Then my youngest (11 years) told me that his big sister is on Whatsapp instead of doing her assignment. :blah5: :blah5:

And he explained to me all about Whatsapp web option. :argue:

What a clueless mother! :scratch:

Today my son panicked saying that there is a plastic bag in the oven. :violent2:

That was a chicken in a roasting oven bag! :toothy4:

We are learning from each other. Alhamdulillah. :flower:

EXAMS: God help!

I just wish to stay sane. :arrow:

My son submitted yesterday his paper and it was all good, but today he found out that "he didn't submit" and has zero points :O

Ex husband blames me :roll: :roll:
saying that I had to sit beside my son and help him and make sure he submitted correctly. :shock:

It was an exam. Camera on. Nobody is allowed to sit beside a child nor help him nor to submit for him. He submitted hundred of times while doing quizzes in this two months of online learning and it was always correct. :thumbright:

Yesterday the school gathered all classes into one Teams class to make exam for them at once and they had around 130 students and something went wrong.
Not his fault. Not my fault. :|

But for ex I am always wrong. When children succeed that's because of him, if they fail in something that's because of me. And I am living with them 11 years alone and rising them and taking care :alien:

And my big son is telling his colleague all the questions that they need for assignments.
And only the best students will be chosen for an Internship program.

Telling his lazy friend everything he can make him do better, but he doesn't think about that.
If his friend uses others like that he can get all answers from different people without doing research himself.

At the end he can be the best with the most complete data. :pirate:

It is good for my son to help others and teach them, because then knowledge will stick with him for longer when he explains it to others and he will have better understanding. :sign1:

But in this world people don't care about understanding, they just look at results. Doesn't matter if one uses others to get answers, if he got them all and more complete then he will be given a chance for internship and job. :evil3: :evil3:
And those hard workers with soft hearts can work for those idiots that they used to serve. :coffee:

I don't know who is idiot then in this world. Hard-workers who give their work to others so easily or cheaters that use knowledge of others to gain positions. :sleepy6:

Kids are so naive! And so well thinking and sharing. May God reward them accordingly.
As for this world; mostly sociopaths get what they want, because they use others to gain everything. They have no ethics. :angry7:

What a world! :color:
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undefined 20 days ago
Today I went out to the bank. While driving I slowed near roundabout and then when wanted to press gas pedal to go faster, by mistake I pressed both; a break pedal and gas pedal. :iroc:

At that moment I lost control over the car. It was drifting left and right. :happy7:

Alhamdulillah there was nobody else on the road and inside the roundabout so I didn't hit anybody. :happy6: :happy8:

I never knew that our cars are made to kill us if we just make smallest mistake! :evil1:

Aren't new technologies supposed to make it safer? :dontknow:

If it is computerized shall be fixed. If it is mechanical shall be solved. :idea1:

What if new drivers, like young teenagers press by mistake both pedals, they would probably die. :confused4: :confused3:

As even if they drive 80/h that would shock them and make them hit others or the wall or just turn over etc. :crybaby:

More then a decade driver, with no road accident records, I had really stressful experience today! :sad1:
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Re: CoronaVirus Memoirs 11 days ago
:love9: :love9: EID MUBAREK people : :love9: :love9:

This was a nice Eid. We prayed at home and it was still festive feeling. :love2:

We did everything we usually do; shower and dress nicely and saying Takbeers until it came the time to pray. And we prayed and ate and phoned family and friends :love4: :love4:

And kids continued writing their assignment because it was a deadline on first day of Eid :D

We had a cake and a bottle of red grape juice and sweets and meats :occasion6:

And we got Eid money... thinking to buy new plates :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Today Shaikha Hind bint Maktoum bin Juma Al Maktoum sent help to my country. I am praying for Her :love1: :queen:

May Allah protect her and her family, friends, people, City and Country and Ummah she belongs to, amin. :cheers:
May Allah remove virus and all diseases and all sharr from them all and bless them all. And specially to her may He accept all prayers, du3as and wishes and may He return to her for kindness that she showed upon my people :love1:

I am praying that Allah removes virus from Dubai as "ibret" for others of her kindness and her remembering of people in far away country, on other continent. :sunny: :love7: :love10:
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