How Difficult Is PMP Certification Exam?

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How difficult is PMP certification exam? Dec 30, 2013
I know PMP(Project Management Professional) training helps you to get grooming for better management of projects. With PMP certification, you are not only a certified professional but also open for big job opportunities but dont know about the exams difficulties and questions so please help me... :shock:

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Re: How Difficult Is PMP Certification Exam? Jan 11, 2014
Actually I haven't passed PMP certification exams but can provide some information.
By the way look what management trainer of PMP say about passing score and percentage of people succeed in PMP Certification:
Dr. Paul D. G.Develop and Deliver Graduate Level,Program and Project Management:

"I have been running PMP (and other cert) prep courses for 20 plus years and we have a 16 year running first attempt pass rate for English as Second Language (ESL) mid career path professionals of 86% and for native/near native speakers of 99%+.As with anything else like this, commitment is the key. It takes best case, 80 hours of honest study, worst case of 200 hours and a most likely of 120 hours to achieve sufficient understanding to be able to pass.
I stick by my earlier statement that the passing SCORE (as opposed to the passing RATE) was and remains at 106/175 correct or about 62%.What has been explained to me by credible and respected people in the PMI organization is the organization has adjusted the passing SCORE to ensure that about 70% of those taking the exam pass it."
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undefined Feb 07, 2014
The PMP exam is tough, but not impossible.

Just the number of PMPs out there should explain....there are approximately 3000 new PMPs every month, and as of November 2013, the total count was 593,074.

Below website has details:
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undefined May 09, 2016
can anyone available for group study? in dubai, international city
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