Boost Up Your Career& Join Us For "Short Courses"

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Boost up your Career& join us for "Short Courses" Nov 29, 2014
[color=#408000]Why AIBM & Chifley Business School?

AIBM is the leading examination and certification bodies founded by leading academicians, professionals and businessmen in United States of America.

AIBM and its subsidiary institutions AIFB and AIPLM offer a range of progressive, flexible and affordable business and management qualifications. The certifications cover the theoretical issues of business and management and offer many practical skills useful to potential employers.

The qualifications impart the skills to make a difference in the workplace, from communication to strategy. The professional certifications are recognized by employers, professional and academic institutions around the world.
AIBM provides convenience, flexibility and online and offline support materials and AIBM affiliates in US and around the world help the students to successfully complete the programs.

Chifley Business School is an accredited Australian Higher Education Provider and Registered Training Organisation that specializes in developing and delivering relevant and accessible management education for professionals.
For over two decades, Chifley have provided business and management education across Australia and internationally - from a comprehensive range of MBA’s and related postgraduate courses, through to Diploma and Certificate programs, Short Courses, Corporate Training and Consulting. We deliver flexibly to meet client and career needs with Online and Flexible disciplines, through to tailored face-to-face learning for companies.
Chifley Business School is ranked as one of the Top 20 MBA Providers, and Top 10 Value for Money by the Australian Financial Review’s MBA Boss ranking in 2011 and 2013.[/color]

No Worries!! for payment as you can make Registrations by paying 500 Drihams and balance can be made by any amount any no of times within 6 weeks due Course

NOTE: CPPP FEES 4500 Drihams instead 5000 as mentioned in Brochure.

Enclosing herewith the Brochure along with Sample Certificate.


We shall provide you a Discount of 500 Drihams if registrations are made on or before 30th Nov 2014.

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