Your Favorite UAE Blogs?

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Your Favorite UAE Blogs? Apr 05, 2012
What are your favorite UAE blogs? These are the ones I like the best:

UAE Mega Projects:

UAE Community Blog:

Englishman In Dubai:

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo:

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Re: Your Favorite UAE Blogs? Apr 05, 2012
Looks like Englishman In Dubai hasn't been updated in a few months. Too bad, the articles make for interesting reading. Here in Shanghai we have Shanghaiist, which is one of the Gothamist blogs and is staffed by several freelance bloggers. Since the expat community is quite close-knit here (we have to be, since we're so small in comparison to the local population), it and blogs like it are the focal points of our community. I don't know if the same social dynamic exists in Dubai, but I'd love to find out (and also hear about similar blogs in your neck of the woods).
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Re: Your Favorite UAE Blogs? Jul 06, 2014
i love browsing through IT blogs and also i like sharing its news on different social media channels too.
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