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Tired of being a woman Oct 03, 2018
Well, I am tired of being treated with less respect and less care then men, just because I am a woman.

As single mother of 3, I live alone for 9 years already. In such position I face many males as maintenance workers, sales persons (males), drivers, etc.
Whenever those people do any service to me majority cheats, they don't fix things properly, they don't paint my walls properly, they don't clean even my car properly at car washing service. I see same workers polishing cars to males, every single details, but when comes my car on turn they swipe quickly front board and vacuum carelessly and leave many spots unclean, wet or ignored.

I ordered white bedroom few years ago. White beds, white cupboards and side tables. I like to change colors of beddings so I could do it easily with white bedroom set. But they sent me cream color beds and cupboard. I noticed when workers started to fix cupboard. I said I ordered white one, they just said they don't have white, they only have that color left!

So why that sales person didn't tell me so!?? I could walk to other furniture store and get what I want.

Also I ordered white curtains. They brought me whitish with pink :O They brought them at evening time and fixed. I complained that it is not pure white, it is pink. They said that's only because of your light. So next morning I had a big surprise, all my room is glowing in pink as the sun is shining trough that whitish pink material. :O

I am nothing like Little Kitty person. I am martial artist and I could kill that person at that pink moment :D

Even when I go to buy fruit and vegetables at market, males would try to give me bad quality thinking that I will not complain (women are usually shy, but I am not). I complain, and fight, and swear, and shout loud. All cheaters get sorry for themselves that they even tried to cheat on me. I am very polite to people, and specially to poor people and they think that is enough reason to cheat on me. But then they get to know another me.

But I am tired of being forced to always shout, always complain, always seek my rights. Why government don't protects our rights and force males to tread us UQUALLY with respect as they treat any male.

I don't need equal treatment like letting me join males gatherings, or treat me as if I am male. I mean equal in respect, equal in customer care, equal in road situations etc.

Today one taxi driver was on his phone while driving. And on T-junction when he needed to enter main road he just stopped and took his time to talk :O I beeped and when he saw a woman he just ignored and continue speaking on phone. All cars behind us start to beep too. But he didn't mind until he wanted. Bastard.

I am not a big racist, only a little bit I become since I came to Dubai and let to know people of nations that have no respect for women. Not all of course but majority of Indians, Pakistani and Egyptians. Add to that some Bangladeshi etc. They think woman is LESS then man, woman is not worth of truth, honesty, respect, care...

I wish that UAE gives to women WIP status (Woman Important Person) and we can report anyone who does not treat as as equal as they treat any man (that they respect and are afraid of). Yeah, sometimes they are just afraid of males. Not of me because I am nice and patient person. But once I explode, they all get scared and I saw countless times males shaking in front of me (wallahi) when I am shouting.

Those workers in supermarkets they cheat on people and buy things on their bills. Some people take food during month and then pay at the end of the month. My friend did that and always complained for big bills. Thousands!!
She blamed her maid. She said that made is buying food and giving away to her friends.
I didn't belive that. Her maid is very nice person and I like her personally. She is totally honest and respectful Philipino woman. I asked in supermarket can they give me food and I pay them at the end of month. And they agreed. I wrote each time the cost of aitems on my paper at home. At the end bill was 500 dhs. I sent kids to buy chocolates and snacks, icecreams etc. They sent me bill 900 dhs. I went and shouted; that man trembled in front of me. Stupid males cheaters, bastards, liars!

Why their mothers didn't teach them to be honest and to respect women!!!! And not to steal from others. Usually they steal from locals as they think all locals have money. But they are also paying private schools, bills etc. Nobody should take from them thousands just because they are locals.

I wish to put WIP stick on my home, my car, even badge on my clothes and when i face those cheap stealers and cheaters they would know not to mess with me. I am tired of being so often into situation to shout and complain. And I don't want it to become part of my personality. I used to sing a lott before, now I hear myself shouting.

Hello world, hello Dubai, hello UAE, save us and teach males to respect any woman more then themselves. If they didn't learn at home and were sent like that to UAE, at last they should learn here and pass to their children. Enough of mistreating women and enough of women accepting it as something normal.

We want to be treated as equal in respect and dignity as any man. Because if not equal, we are even more important then males, so we deserve more care and more respect. We demand it.

Thanks UAE in advance!

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Oct 18, 2018
Hey Shamoosa, thanks for expressing yourself, to help analyze the situation, will you tell us a little about you, your marital status, how do you look like,what are you wearing, are you always alone? or that even happens even when you with someone else, what nationalities do you think they're the most bad to you. Thanks!
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