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* Shamoosa Foundation * Feb 25, 2019
Finally I found something that I could work with passion: MY OWN HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION.

I would name it Shamoosa Foundation and make sure that everybody know who is CEO. Then I would make a website so that people can klick on it countless times (google will have to pay me back!).

All countries would be listed there and all people could apply for help, but I would approve only people from my own village. I would also set up phone lines and make sure nobody ever reaches me unless they want to donate.

Donators will be VIP people and I would treat them accordingly. Maybe they would be offered bombons and hopefully they don't chock until they give their donations.

For other people there will be options like this: if you want HELP press 1, then wait....all (imaginary) operators will be always busy and machine will say so and offer you to leave message after beep. But just after beep line will cut, each and every time. So nobody ever reaches me.

Also I would make rule that ONLY online applications are acceptable, but I will never post any application form, link or anything. If people call me (pretending they are donators) and reach me, I will tell them that application will be online on specific date at 10:00 am. Then on that day I will post at 8:00 am that we already received maximum allowable requests for that day and that people can apply "tomorrow".

My Foundation would help only poor people in some villages at the end of exotic world. I would take few pictures there, give poor people some help and then use those pictures forever. All donations I will use as salary to me and my stuff ( Only few people, as we will never receive many requests for help, so there will be no need for stuff at all).

If people send me mails I will just ignore them as if they don't exist. It is easy to delete e-mail. As I never got it. Simple as that. If by any chance I open some and decide to reply, I would deny any help to such senders. If they are white, I will tell them my help is only for black people and vice versa. If they are one nationality, I will say it is only for all other nationalities except that specific one.

And if some people ask for student scholarships... then I would tell them to work!! Yes, they are big enough to leave all Science, Math, Medicine, computers... they shall work at my private shop and I will give them some money to survive. Why people have to be engineers or doctors anyway!

If there come some orphans, God forbid, asking for help then I will treat them as disease and send them to some other foundation. There are countless foundations and some are actually giving help, but to some specific people, at some specific times, in specific ways... It is not my business to know their details.

Shamoosa Foundation will accept all kind of donations. Even grocery coupons, miles, points, cash, gold, diamonds... whatever! My villagers would happily smile at you from some big posters and share some of your donations. The rest, I would keep for the best.

Help would never be allowed to any woman. They all shall be married. Nor to children, they all shall have their parents.
Nor to males, they all have to have their jobs. Nor to pet lovers, they might buy a pet!

Donations would be accepted from all, because Shamoosa Foundation loves you all.

P.S. Dear students, apply for scholarships in Shamoosa Foundation, we accept all nationalities, but approve only for those that have my village on their ID. God bless you all <3. MUWAH <3

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