Over 20 And Nothing Better To Do

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Jan 31, 2005
i actually have nothing better to do.

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Feb 01, 2005
welcome to the club hommie!

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Nice going Feb 11, 2005
I guess I'll ad lib to the conversation.

Us 20+ ppl do have work, but on the other hand 90% of us do use the internet on a regular basis... the information high way.

And besides, I saw me boss roaming the internet in he's office. Now why cant I/we do the same when there's nothing better to do.

Shoot your Nan. Ppl can do whatever they want, irrespective of their religion. That's a right, not a privilege!!

Nuff said.
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Mar 02, 2005
well for me you get to meet more interesting people in forums, and besides the fact that partying in dubai is not that really exciting... its the same old clubs, same old bands, and same old music,... and the worst part is,... you see the same old people !!!!! damn!!! and partying is not really everything babe,.. we still can live anotherday without wasting precious forum time drinking and trying to guess whats the next song the band's gnna be playing and freaky part is you end up guessing them right!!! .... ill take up forums over parties.

been there done that ... boring .....
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Mar 03, 2005
this is the best outlet of letting out boredom! stealing some time expressing thoughts thru the easiest possible medium while at work~
sweet mary
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Mar 05, 2005
I haven't found the something better to do as well.
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