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OPTIMISM Mar 25, 2020
Where I am getting my optimism from nowadays?
– From evil people.

In this situation they are so optimistic that they do all evil they can do, optimistically planing to obtain as much money, wealth, important informations, followers etc. as possible.

Their optimism delights me.
On the other hand decent people are so terrified and selfish as they load up their pantries expecting the worst.
They are so good that they think now is the time to hide everything for worst times that are ahead, that they must prioritize themselves and think rationally rather than emotionally.
And they are so good that they think that's the top of intellectual and critical thinking and there is no one smarter then them. If they could hide under the ground they would do so.

But evil people...oh how optimistic they are. If you look at them you will know that world will last, that now is the time to persist on your goals, aspirations and ambitions, to share what you have and to gain friends and connections forever.

Evil people are driven by their greed, they are active and fast, they have no time to act scared or rational, they follow their emotions; love for money, wealth, power, domination...

My goal is to remain good with optimism level of evil people :D

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Re: OPTIMISM Mar 31, 2020
question what is good and what is bad who is good and who is bad
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Re: OPTIMISM Apr 01, 2020
Good is what makes everyone feel happy, bad is what makes everyone sad. For example humanitarian help to people in need is good. They are all happy for relief. But if one man comes and take part of goods for himself only, to sell it and profit; that's bad, even thou for him only is good.

So good are those who help others in time of distress, and bad are those who think to profit on others during such situations. Or any situation.
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