I Am Not An Arab, But My Name Is!

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I am not an Arab, but my name is! 4 days ago
We Bosnians, who are Muslims by faith, use Arabic names to name our children.

So I got an Arabic name as well. As we have different letters in Bosnian language so our names appear strange to people, even if they are Arabs themselves.
For example this nickname Shamoosa will be written as Šemusa in Bosnian. But in English S will lose his crown so it will be Semusa as a final. So Shamoosa=Semusa

But when I call some institution in UAE via phone and tell them my name, and once they open my file and see it written there, they will immediately lost trust in me (as per their later response; I am lying about my own name!).

And when they address me after that they will say Mrs. Simusa or some will even joke and say Mrs. Samoosa... Mrs. Sim-sim... and even if I repeat to them AGAIN my true name as it, and how it is pronounced they will persist and call me "as they see it" :roll: :roll:

That gets the worst when I call Police or a bank. I can tell you that they do not trust me anything after that. They might think that I want to rob my own account! Or that I am untrustworthy as I lie even my own name :| :drunken:

And I do not know why they do not see the name written in Arabic! They would know then that it is pure Arabic name and would respect it as it is.

Why on Earth I shall tell my name and people then switch it as they find it 'logical' and more suitable??
I, as non-Arab 'must have' non-Arabic name and then use lies to make it sound Arabic. I am such a terrible terrible person :lol: :lol:

But at least alhamdulillah I got the right name. The Proper one.
Some kids were not that lucky. Even if their parents were religious and chose the word from the Qur'an to name their child, still it would be WRONG!
Some parents named their son KHannaas (Hanas), which refers to EVIL WHISPERER mentioned in sura En-Naas (last chapter in Qur'an). :mrgreen:

And some grandmothers get creative to name their grandchildren directly from the Qur'an (while reading), but the only problem is when they do not see well and miss the dot on Arabic harf (letter). The name will get totally no meaning or something wrong indeed (like a verb or pronoun and not noun at all). But that is just to laugh about and not to die.

There are situations to die from shame; like when people who went to perform Hajj in Makkah, name their children or grandchildren, after return!

Imagine situation when some Arab man in The Haram, asks Bosnian man: 'Ayna Mirhaad'?
And as Bosnian does not understand a word, Arab keeps repeating mirhaad, mirhaad...
Bosnian shrugges and goes his way, thinking that man asked him for somebody.

But when he gets home and face a newborn, he will give him special name that he heard in the Haram and he will become his Mirhad!

Also I can imagine some misunderstanding in the past between some Arab and some Bosnian man. When Arab offers to Bosnian man dates while asking him for a wife. He wants marriage (his daughter or any Bosnian female that is with him like his sister etc.) And Arab man repeats Hurma, Hurma...and touches with his fingertips his mouth, kissing them loud, signalling how sweet he finds that girl/woman.

But Bosnian man understands that dates are very sweet and yummy and that they are called Hurma.
So now in Bosnian language Hurma is a date :lol: :lol: :lol:

But I am not Samoosa or Samboosa or Sim-sim or SMS... Please people TRUST ME :bounce:

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