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Money Laundering skills 8 days ago
It will take ages until we pay back our debts. With small salaries offered to freshers we have no hope for debt freedom for a looooong period of time. Allahu-l-Mustean.

So I got an idea to start to work online as a Legal Advisor for Money Laundering skills.

For the start I can offer you one simple idea for free, and for more ideas you will have to contact me privately and pay even before I say A(nything).

Ok, let me start:

Firstly; to be able to utilize money laundering skills you will have to have a company, or an institution/organization. Or if you are not that much able/ambitious you can secure a good position in a big company. To be honest there is a great risk to do that inside the governmental company, but heeeeeey there is a bigger gain as well :wink:

So in whatever position you are in, you can start totally discrete, innocent, righteous money laundering. It is simple as this:
Make your employees to buy their own uniforms, to pay their own transportation and to bring their own tools in order to work on your machines and projects.
On the other hand you righteously report your spending on uniforms, tools and transportation for your employees. And there you are! You have it!
Nobody will ever think, not even in a dream, that you would let your employees buy their own tools and bring to your company to work on your machines.

So you have it; a perfect list of all employees and fees of their uniforms, tools, transportations, accommodation expenses… It looks normal and legal. But instead of giving money to them, you keep it for yourself. Idiots will be happy just to have a job!

And you will be the number 1.
Add to that rewards to employees up to 100% of their salary, then later give them 1% as 1 is also up to 100%, right?

For more legal advices on Money Laundering please prepare your cheques :bounce:


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