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LUNG CANCER 10 days ago ... ay-doctors

So they said.... GET Screened.....

And I do agree! My first neighbours are smoking SHISHA inside their flat, just next to my bedroom, and all the smell, smoke and toxins are entering my bedroom through the AC.
Most days I can't breath normally, I cough... Security asked them to stop but they do not care.
I sleep early, because I have to wake up early, but they sit and smoke until 3 AM and sometimes my own cough wakes me up. I am allergic.

I wish there could be some law to forbid people to smoke inside the buildings, even in their own flats, if they are directly connected with other flats via AC.

Soon inshallah we are leaving our perfect flat, just because we have neighbours that does not care for others. I can't find easily the flat that is completely in windows and with a great view in every single room including the kitchen. But I have to leave because of neighbours.

Also in my building management taped the fire alarm on my floor, to spare me from the noise. They all know that I am sensitive to the high pitch sounds, and to bad smell of garbage and to stupidity etc.

Once a worker came to test the fire alarm in the building and his schedule of testing was in period from 10 am to 2 pm. But he understood it literally, and hold his finger on the alarm from 10 am to 11, until I freaked out and called police and shouted on the man so that I lost my voice.
If I didn't shout that man would hold all his fingers on that fire alarm until 2 pm. :|

Unfortunately me and my kids are passive smokers. We had no choice for months! At least now we can move inshallah to the other building. God help me to get non-destructive neighbours.
And I can just pray to get a management that would actually care about tenants as the one I have now.

Why there is so much hardship on this Earth? Allergies, hyper-sensitivity, wars, traumas,
pollutions, toxins, viruses, diseases, harsh people, neighbours....
How it would be nice if only one day I could live normally and avoid all those things. One single day in my life... it would make me happy indeed.

If I were local (Emirati) then I would have my own villa and government that cares about me. I could complain to them and my neighbours would have to stop annoying me with toxic smoke, or they would be send out from the country, back to their village. :roll:
God knows from where they came if they never heard about House Order in the buildings.

My villagers above are vacuuming bedroom at 4 am!!! I guess in their village that is the time when day starts with first morning chores. So hardworking housewife makes sure to vacuum bedroom first thing in the morning. Maybe she and her husband eat nuts all the night.
And those shisha smokers beside...they left the village, but village didn't move out of them. They carry it inside wherever they go.

May Allah give to all of us better conditions of life, and better people around us, and good managements, governments and laws. Amin

If I could get only one thing from UAE then I would leave the country and go back to my homeland.
And that would be one single Shaikh to go with me!
Then he would rule my country so that corruption disappears, criminal vanish, every citizen gets rights, health care, new home, paid bills, jobs, the strongest passports, travels, free studies abroad, astronauts and satellites in the space and so much more.

But because that will not happen ever, then I will stay here and keep complaining and fighting for my rights. Inshaallah khair :mrgreen: :oops:

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