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learning arabic Feb 16, 2005
Hi, we have just bought an apartmrent in Dubai, just to use for holidays at present,but, maybe in the future might consider moving there. I was considering learning arabic?? Wondered if it is a difficult language to learn and can anyone recommend some tapes/books or some organisation that I could learn with, at home, in my own time. Do you think I have more chance of getting a job in Dubai if I spoke Arabic? I am a nurse, so it would probably be a job in that field. Any advice at all would be great. Thanks in advance. Maryjo


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Feb 16, 2005
firstly learning any language takes time and dedication. about the difficulty it really depends on what is languages you know. if you speak urdo learning arabic is much easier. if you speak only english then you will need to go in a brand new direction.
i dont believe in institues and just pay attention in your day to day interaction and you will pick it up fairly quickly.

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welcom to dubai Feb 20, 2005
I think i can help u with the arabic language
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Feb 20, 2005
There is a hiden forum, called learning Arabic.
There is some info there!
You can gain acces to the forum by joining the Arabic Culture usergoup.
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