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Koran Apr 12, 2003
Where can I find a Koran in english?

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Apr 19, 2003
there is no Qur'an in english, you see, Qur'an cant be in any other language than arabic, but what you can find is a book that will give you the meaning of a line...

basicly what i mean, for example, if you want to read quran for preying you have to read it in arabic, this translation is only to make you understand what it is, but while preying you have to say it in arabic ...

here are some links ..


And this is a transliteration ...

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Apr 20, 2003
That is very strange to me.
Is it really neccesary to pray in Arabic?
Why I'm asking... I thought that Allah is the only god not only the god of Arabs. And the meaning and sincerity of the pray is more important then the language in which it is writen.
Explaing this to me please.

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Why in Arabic Apr 25, 2003
What can I say. The quran was sent to a people, where Arabic was the language, and that was the language God decided the quran should be kept in. So you might say way not have a version of the quran in each language and then have people pray in their language. The problem of translation is that you cant get a 100% exact meaning, when you translate. For example, take a page off the internet, translate it to french, then from french to german, and then back from german to english, and see what you end up with. By keeping Arabic in its original form, you have something to go back to, but for the Bible are their any copies of it in Hebrew (if so then please let me know)?

One thing you should know is the word 'Allah' is the Arabic word for God and not the god of the Arabs. If you go to other languages, they will have a word which means god, so 'Allah' shouldnt be understood related to Arabs, but should be understood as the translation of the word god in Arabic.

The problem of picking up the Quran in English and reading through it, is that their are many translation of it that are in poor English. Alot of the quran also cant be understood simply by reading, and would involve reading the commentary to truly understand the meaning of the verses.

So if you understand what Islam is all about and you decide this is for you, then what follows will be nothing. My grandparents who were over 70 became Muslim and they pray in Arabic. No one is asking you to learn a language, no body is asking you to memorize the whole quran. Even if you learn a few soorah (chapters) from the quran, that is the minimum you need to pray. Many soorahs are less than 20 verses and can easily be memorized if you hear them enough times. If you are eager to understand what you are saying then you can pick up the quran in your language and read through it. And if you are more eager, then you can learn Arabic.

If you want to read more about islam, there are thousands of websites on the net in English that will guide you. Some are below

If you are a christian the website below should help alittle

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Re: Koran Sep 06, 2003
I want awqaaf site

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your post Apr 17, 2004
This reply is months after you wrote your post but I hope it helps you.
For Islamic books that are translated into English call Book Corner 04 3455490 or 02 6315323. What the other guy wrote previously is correct and the Qur'an is not translated well into English. Try reading Sermons of the Prophet Muhammad by Abu Nasr Muhammad Ibn Wad'an. It gives you 40 of the finest sermons. Also, "Allah is known through reason" by Harun Yahya. This book is excellent and is a must read.
I can completely sympathise with you not being able to read Arabic. But there are plenty of books that can help you embrace Islam.

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