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Just try... Mar 04, 2020
Try to reach somebody or to complain for their services. All what you get is this:

"الموظفة في إجازة

لأي استفسار يرجى التواصل مع الأخت/ فاطمة أحمد أو أسماء النعيمي

The employee on leave.

For any inquiry please contact Asma or Fatima

Best Regards,"

And who is Asma or Fatima. What are their e-mails, or phone numbers LOL

Just try to reach anybody in any institution.......just try...and again....again please....keep trying until you die.....

Or try to send parcel to Japan for example:
It will go there, come back and stuck....you will never get a phone call, recipient will never get a call either...it will travel and travel and until reaches baby will outgrow the birthday present, which was supposed to come before 28th February.

And I said I will not complain anymore for anything..... Really I will not. I will just write about it on Forum instead. There is no sense and there is no seriousness in anything....

People are just CARELESS, they know it, they know that can get away with it, and they are enjoying it. UNTIL WHEN?? Please, until when????

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